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Nashville hot chicken

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  1. Anon17

    Jesus, the third post exposes your TDS?
    Yeah, hard to believe he threw that softball out there but it proves more what a gutter, bathroom wall Twits is in how low people go to insult people they don’t understand. There are a lot more dignified responses here, looks like the one you posted is a little off though? 😉
    See for yourself
    Look, I didn’t vote for the guy. But looking into it I can see now how dishonest the media is and how dumb you all are pushing moderates to the right w your unhinged, irrational hate. I see this NPC crap all day, can you please spare us your ideological perspective, cognitive bias? The dems are overplaying their hands like Camille Paglia said in 2017, guaranteeing your boy who cried wolf, the sky is falling, hair on fire narratives will get him elected again.

    Look, it’s a fun, cool site, with some mostly moderately and sometimes hot pix, funny memes, but bad political humor that’s distracting. I’m HUFC so just stop or step it up because some of your pix are Epstein level and one post on a patriot site would create a massive troll DoS attack. so chill?
    Or maybe, I don’t know, make some disclaimer that you’re all brainwashed leftists that can’t think for yourself so you post propaganda?

  2. Anon17

    Your attempt at demoralization only works on the intellectually lazy and uneducated that are vulnerable.
    The question is are you aware of your Marxist brainwashing.
    There’s a difference between a commercial pilot and a transport pilot
    It’s another dumb, political meme and if you think the police need to be defunded you’re an idiot.
    Academies are different than schools and the licensing requirements are more of a reflection of bureaucracy’s big government. Look how many bad haircuts there are, maybe they should make them have more hours? Or how about none and let the free market decide?
    And remember, there’s a difference between a cop and a detective so perhaps the narrative that it’s dangerous to not cooperate with moderately intelligent individuals that have guns and deal w stupid criminals all day would be more productive in saving people’s lives instead of inspiring an insidiously violent revolutionary ideology? https://archive.schillerinstitute.com/fid_91-96/921_frankfurt.html

    This partisanship could get more kinetic. Deprogramme w http://www.peirce.org/writings/p107.html


  3. Anon17

    Hope this is my last comment, request. The GOP cheat meme would be harmless in any other time. How bout y’all dial down the rhetoric and unprovable, false accusations for a bit until we get out of this Kancel Kulture Klan year-zero struggle session where these kind of baseless smears create hostility and put innocent lives in danger? There are a lot of stupid people that go along with the paid Marxist protesters, low-information, useful foolish rioters.
    You’ve fallen for another leftist lie, go start paying attention to other media sources that are more honest about their bias. You’re in a bubble, echo chamber and inadvertently helping Republicans who no one wants back in charge culturally. Social conservatism is a nightmare(roe v wade).
    The democratic media complex is lying about the post office bs….
    But the pats are cheaters. F those guys. 🙂

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