RULE # 1

Absolutely, positively NO talking about it

you little chatty Kathy

RULE # 2

Pics are released on Friday,


RULE # 3

This last one is oh so VERY important:

See Rule # 1


Hello Gents, here we are - four years into Happy Friday and we've grown like wildfire. What started as emails into your inbox every week has exploded into a website with a TON of weekly views. While I know this website could use some work, it meets its purpose by providing you 5 minutes of peace and enjoyment. You and I both know you sit back while scrolling down and you review the photos and a part of you wishes you were 20 years younger, with little to no responsibility so that you could be in some of these photos. Remember, this site was built for you. You have earned it. Enjoy. But don’t forget the first rule, do not talk about it!

Much love,

– Editor

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