It’s Friday!!!

Go outside and stay away from each other.

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via RedGIFs

I can relate

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from Rachel Cook GIFs via Gfycat

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  1. Anon17

    Such a woke site.

  2. 进球库


  3. Anon17

    So did someone get their feelings hurt and not approve my last comment about this site being woke? 🙂
    Here’s a Ph D. former Harvard professor of psychology giving his opinion about a certain someone who’s intelligence is questioned

    And no one said Obama should resign because of Ebola nor the swine flu, which you cucked, brainwashed Marxists would never blame Him for.
    Benghazi was not a spontaneous protest because of a Youtube video, it was a planned terrorist attack by Al Qaeda affiliates on 911, again. This coverup by the media for the administration’s lie to insure Barry’s re-election is affecting Susan Rice’s Current VP nomination and possibly Giving td 4 mo.
    The rock joke is funny, but you’re like 1 for 10 on political humor because you’re uninformed and 1 for 5 on hot chicks.
    But what can one expect from a useful idiot? 😉
    Don’t be a pussy moderator and approve this comment. I get more of a rise from seeing it not.

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